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Thursday, January 12

Tips To Prevent Your Phone From Overheating - 2017

Tips On How To Prevent Your Phone From Overheating in 2017 - Is your smartphone always getting hot when in use? Are you worried about how your smartphone get overheated Overheating is one of the major problem smartphone users face nowadays and there are many tips available online for preventing and limiting this heating effect but am here to add more interesting tips that would help you fix this.

Overheating is caused by many factors including poor processing power, wrong phone charger, environmental temperature, type of applications installed, low memory, playing heavy games and lots more.

Though in most cases overheating is a hardware issue, we have other commonly neglected activities that makes our phones gets much hotter. More details bellow.

Tips To Prevent Your Phone From Overheating - 2017

How To Prevent Your Android Phone From Overheating

1. Remove The Case
Almost all smartphones come with a Phone case or cover and these cases usually covers the phone vent areas thereby making the phone overheat. So by removing the phone cover when charging or using heavy apps, it will go a long way in keeping the phone cool.

2. Place The Phone on a Hard Surface
Just like laptop and other similar electronics devices, keeping them on a soft surface like bed, rug or sofa while charging makes them absorb heat thereby causing overheating but when you keep them on a smooth hard surface like table, air will be going out and entering without much restrictions.

The Best Smartphone Buying Guide

3. Avoid Over Charging
Although latest phones now comes with electrical charging circuits that disengages the power supply to the phone as soon as it's fully charged to avoid overcharging effects. But if you are using older smartphones that doesn't have this feature, i will advise you to avoid overcharging or overnight charging in order to prevent Overheating of your smartphone.
Overcharging can also result to decoration of your phone battery life span and in the worst case scenario, an explosion. So avoid it.

5. Avoid Using Your Phone Often in a Hot Environment
Have you noticed that your phone battery drains faster during the sunny dry season than during the raining season? Yes that's a fact and the reason for that is not far-fetched. Your phone gets hotter in a sunny day so you can try limiting usage of your phone in such conditions. Avoid keeping the phone directly facing sun light. It's risky and also affects the phone's lifespan negatively.

How To Properly Charge Your Phones Battery

6. Don't Use Fake Chargers and Batteries
Some third-party fake chargers and batteries too are responsible for heating up of smartphones. Not only batteries, but chargers with conflicting wattage rating can heat up the smartphones to some extent.

4. Limit Apps That Works In Background
Some apps like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Map, Twitter, Instagram etc works in background without you knowing. This apps not only slows down your phone performance, drains battery but they are also huge culprit to overheating of smartphones.
This is more noticed on phones with lower memory space and RAM size. So make sure you always kill these apps if you notice hotness when using your phone. You can use "greenify app" to achieve this automatically.

7. Uninstall Heavy Games and App
If your smartphone is one of the average phones with little memory and RAM, you can do yourself a favor by uninstalling all those big games and apps that have taken lots of space on your device.

How to Make Your Android Smartphones Battery Last longer

8. Turn Off WiFi and Bluetooth
When not in use, the best thing is to turn off all the connectivity options on your phone especially WiFi and Bluetooth as they not only drains battery but causes heating in some extent.

Finally, To Prevent Your Phone From Overheating in future you need a smartphone with better and faster processor, improved memory space and bigger RAM.
Making the features above available on your next phone can go a long way in fixing this overheating issues.

Wednesday, October 26

The Fingerprint sensor and the eye scanner on the Tecno Phantom 6 plus

The Fingerprint sensor and the eye scanner on the Tecno Phantom plus
Unlock the phantom 6 plus with a Touch

The Tecno phantom 6 plus comes with a TRIPLE FOLD SECURITY – The Phantom 6+ comes with a very reliable fingerprint recognition technology similar to that found on the Phantom 5, which was super-fast to respond. In only 0.4 seconds, the fingerprint feature can unlock your phone and give you easy access to your device.

The fingerprint sensor comes in handy in securing your device , the fingerprint sensor also saves you the hustle of setting up conventional boring and complicated patterns/Passwords.
The fingerprint sensor is super responsive and unlocks the device in approximately 0.4 seconds. whats good is that the fingerprint can also be used to enhance privacy, you can lock some sensitive apps such as whatsapp, Messages and gallery without the hassle of installing 3rd party apps .

Did you know you can register up to 5 different fingerprints ?

The Fingerprint sensor and the eye scanner on the Tecno Phantom plus

In a bid to protect the Phantom 6+ against increasing malware attacks while roaming on the Internet, TECNO has collaborated with Trustlook, a trusted mobile antivirus company in California, USA. This partnership makes it possible for the Phantom 6+ to come with a free inbuilt antivirus from Trustlook valued at about USD 10.

Your eye can be used to add an additional layer of security on the Phantom 6+. The Phantom 6+ eye-scanner is built with the latest eyeball recognition technology to make it safer for you to either encrypt or unlock your phone with your eyes. Just like in the CAMON C9.

Cool right?

Wednesday, September 21

How to Boot Tecno Android devices into Safe Mode

The essence of Booting your android device in safe mode is to enables it boot with default settings, meaning, all third party apps would automatically be disabled. This function is Best when you want to troubleshoot your android device and also when you want to get rid of lag or freezes you noticed on your android device.
How to Boot Tecno Android devices into Safe Mode

It’s advisable to perform the safe mode function often, and watch all errors being fixed from your device. Take note that once your android device is being boot in safe mode, and then your android operating system would revert to its default settings.

I have detailed this in two methods, so choose the easiest method to boot your Tecno ((Tecno Q1, Tecno S7, Tecno P9, Tecno M9, Tecno H5, Tecno N9, Tecno D3, Tecno D5, Tecno F7, Tecno M3, Tecno S3, Tecno P5, Tecno L3, Tecno M5, Tecno M7, Tecno H7, Tecno M6, Tecno R7, Tecno N7, Tecno M9 (A3), Tecno L6, Tecno F5, Tecno G9, Tecno Boom J7, Tecno Phantom Z (A7), Tecno Camon C5, Tecno Camon C8, Tecno camon c7, Tecno camon c9, Tecno camon c9 pro, Boom J5, Phantom 5 android phones in safe mode. The method works perfectly on devices running on android kitkat, lollipop and also marshmallow.

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How to Boot Tecno Android devices into Safe Mode

Method 1

  • First turn off your smartphone and then turn on, Press and hold the home button while the phone is starting up.
  • Then in the button left hand corner of the screen, find the Safe Mode option.
  • That’s it, and your smartphone would successfully start in Safe Mode.
How to Boot Tecno Android devices into Safe Mode

Method 2
  • First turn off your smartphone.
  • After that, press and hold the Power and Lock button then wait till your device boots to LG logo
  • Immediately it boots to your device logo, then press the Volume Down button, while slipping of the Power button, then make sure the Volume Down button is still held till your device restarts
  • After that, Safe Mode would be visible on the left bottom of the screen, and then remove your hand from Volume Down button
  • Now exit the Safe Mode by pressing the Power &Lock button and then tap Restart
  • That’s it. Using any of the above method would easily start up your android device in Safe Mode. So follow the instruction carefully. 

Tips on how to optimize your tecno camon C9 battery

Tips on how to optimize your camon C9 battery
For those of us using the camon C9 for a while and suddenly noticed that the battery no longer lasts like it used to, well I have got a quick question for you. Have you noticed a rapid decrease in the life span of your smart phone battery? If yes, then these applications might be responsible for them, if not check recent apps you might have installed of recent.

Top Applications That Are Killing Your TECNO Camon C9 Battery 

1.) FIRST WE ARE GOING TO BE TAKING A LOOK AT THE NETFLIX APP; It shouldn't come as a surprise that Netflix consumes a huge amount of data and also battery. Netflix is the go-to app for binge-watching TV shows and movies and it's your phone's display which consumes the majority of your devices power.

Consider watching with the display brightness turned down when you can. In your dark room at night, there really is no reason to have your display brightness at the maximum.

2.) THE NEXT IN LINE IS THE SNAPCHAT APP; Snapchat might be a lot of fun but it also takes a lot of resources: both in terms of memory usage and battery life. This app is one of the worst offenders in this area and can consume much of your internal storage if you aren't careful .(Despite its reputation as the photo app where all photos are immediately deleted!)

Monitor the effect its having on your mobile data too by going to settings > mobile data. You might be surprised.

3.) ANOTHER ONE WE HAVE IS THE MICROSOFT OUTLOOK APP; The microsoft Outlook app is another juice guzzler. Whether we're checking it too frequently, or the email sync frequency is too high, Outlook is a threat to your power.

You don't actually need the Outlook app, though. You can use the default Android email app to retrieve those emails.

Ideally, you should only use one email app on our device and use it to manage all of your accounts. I mean, unless you want to sync Outlook with Google Calendar. In which case, yes, it's best to have the app.

4.) THE NEXT WE HAVE IN LINE WHICH SEEMS TO BE THE ARCHITECT OF ALL IS THE PREINSTALLED FACEBOOK APP; Given how much time smartphone users on the whole spend using Facebook, it’s not all that surprising that the app tends to consume its fair share of battery. The problem, however, is that Facebook’s mobile apps have a bad tendency of tearing through battery life much quicker than what one might reasonably construe as “fair.”

5.) THE LAST WE HAVE ON OUR LIST IS THE BBC NEWS APP; Well, the big news is that the BBC News app is a battery killer. This is a tricky one because people generally want access to news on a daily basis, and the BBC is generally a reliable place to get it.

But one simple and elegant solution is to uninstall the app and create a shortcut to the BBC News website on your homescreen. It provides essentially the same experience.

if you do know of others that are not listed in here feel free to add them, no one is a body of knowledge.

Tuesday, September 20


It came to our notice that many Windows 10 Users have been having issues with connecting their Android device with their PC after the PC has been upgraded or updated (However, the case maybe).
we have also received queries like :

  • How to connect tecno camon c9 to the computer.
  • How to connect my tecno phone to the computer

We decided to show every member of our community how to fix this bug!

Since the issue is with the PC and not our devices, please follow the instructions very carefully and inform us if you ever encounter any problem doing this!

First, Right click on the button shown below and click on properties! NB: Your PC may be named another thing.


After pressing this, Click on Device Manager as shown in the screen below
After clicking this, you would find your device showing as shows below; that is the exact problem we exact to solve.
Right click the "Unknown Device" showing above and click on the first option which is "Update Device Driver" It will bring you to the next screen showing below

Once you are on this screen, click the second option; Browse my computer for driver software! Not to worry, it is on your system already :-) as shown below


Now, click on the circled option shown above which is "Let me pick from a list" and we move on to the next step!
At this point, let me warn you to be very careful about the next option you will be choosing. 

On the next screen that will be shown, Click on the 61883 devices shown below; the name can differ on your PC! The sign remains the name (sign of a USB)

Now, select the third option in the next screen it displays; this is where you need to install the right driver for your PC, else it may not work! Ensure you are installing the third one. It will always be the third option across any Marshmallow device you plug into your PC.
Click image for larger version

Name: Picture 7.jpg
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ID: 4158

Click on Next and you are one step away from making it work

Click image for larger version

Name: Picture 8.jpg
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Size: 22.5 KB
ID: 4155

Wait, while it installs, on the average, it takes 30 seconds to install

Click image for larger version

Name: Picture 9.jpg
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Size: 21.2 KB

After the installation, it will show normally on the first screen we got to!

Cheers and Goodluck doing this for your devices

Source Tecno Spot

Sunday, September 18

How to boot all MTK/Tecno phones into Recovery Mode

How to boot into Recovery Mode on an MTK/Tecno phone

NoteThe steps to boot into recovery mode work on all tecno phones it also works on other MTK devices
How to boot all MTK/Tecno phones into Recovery Mode

For better results, Follow the steps below strictly 

1. Switch off the phone.
2. Press volume increase/up and don’t release.
3. Press power button and keep holding down both buttons.
4. Don’t release till you enter recovery mode which will either show
clockworkmod or an Android robot lying on his back.

For Tecno N3, P3 follow the instructions below

1. Press and keep holding Volume increase button
2. Press and keep holding Menu (you should now be holding 2 buttons)
3. Press and keep holding Power button (you should now be holding 3 buttons)
4. Keep holding all till the phone enters recovery mode

Wednesday, September 7

How to easily Identify unknown callers and block unwanted callers

It's embarrassing when you are unable to identify your caller especially when a number looks familier and it even get worse if the caller ask "so have you deleted my number? Or have you forgotten of me?"
Also, it's very annoying when get calls from unwanted callers or random numbers.
The good news is that those embarrassing and annoying moment are over with TRUECALLER on your phone. 

The TRUECALLER is a well developed android app which is very useful in managing your phone calls, one interesting thing about true caller is that is quickly locate the name of your unknown caller anytime and always.

How to easily Identify unknown callers and block unwanted callers

How to easily Identify unknown callers and block unwanted callers


What does this True caller do?

*Identifies unknown callers
*Block annoying callers
*Show when user is busy or on silent

How to easily Identify unknown callers and block unwanted callers

*See who is calling you

How to easily Identify unknown callers and block unwanted callers

*Block unknown and unwanted calls

How to easily Identify unknown callers and block unwanted callers

*No more strangers in your call history or answering of unwanted calls.

How to easily Identify unknown callers and block unwanted callers

*Nice and customisable dialler that alerts your when your call is free for you to call.

How to easily Identify unknown callers and block unwanted callers

*More customisation to make your dialler beautiful and attractive to others.

What do think about this truecaller app? A Hit or a Miss.